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This is the Daily Scoop!   News about gardening and Greenhouses.
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Discover the Magic of a Solexx Greenhouse!
Spring Gardening?   Nothing like a greenhouse to extend your season.!  

Solexx Materials are a great way to reduce storm-damage to hoop houses.  The double wall paneling privides insulation and strength and is easily installed over any existing structure.
 This installation is at Buckhanon-Upshure H.S. in WV.  See the story of the installation at our blogTheWormist.com  Installing Solexx paneling

New from Solexx!   The Double Conservatory with ATRIUM GreenHouse!

20 c 32 ft greenhous with center atrium

20' wide x 32' longx 9' 6" tall.  The center area has 16' open atrium area.

Several Optons, Call for pricing.

Here in PA I get about one month on each end of the growing season, depending upon the plant.   My greenhouse is not heated so the temps aren't far above ambient overhight, but days are usually in the 60's.

We just took an order for a Solexx 16 x 16 Conservatory GH for a family in Dingmans Ferry!   They are going to enjoy greens and an early start to their 2012 garden!!

Providing commercial greenhouses and hobby greenhouses nationwide and in Pennsylvania breenhouses and the Pocono greenhouses.

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